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We test them like “maniacs”: evaluate each cam site’s design, do a UX review, play with all the features available, engage with the models, and even go live with them, 1:1, too, take a close look at the rates they offer, their “menus” of services, pay attention to their users’ reviews. And, of course, we use our own expertise when selecting them:   we’ve been in the live camming industry for over a decade now.

We use a super long list of criteria. To name just a few: the level of safety and security, variety of models, quality of the content (pics, videos), range of categories, the range of search filtering options, whether there are (annoying) ads or not, payment methods, mobile experience, customer experience, the ratio between prices and the quality of the services provided…

No. We’ve already sifted through the huge number of live cam sites out there (the non-safe ones here included) so you don’t have to.

And we’ve hand-picked those cam sites that are 100% safe and offer high-quality content only.

This is an extremely rare scenario. But if you do find yourself in such a situation the best thing to do is to leave the call/end the chat with her and contact that cam site’s customer support ASAP.

Yes. We’ve reviewed and selected 18+ live cam sites EXCLUSIVELY.

Like you’d start a conversation with any woman in real life: start with a “Hi!” or “Hello!” — don’t jump straight into dirty talking — then, if you want to, you can ask her a question or add a remark that lets her know that you’ve read her bio (e.g. “I see you’re into hiking. Do you like camping, too?”).


Or just skip that second part and introduce yourself.


Just don’t be rude or not only that you’ll leave the conversation “empty-handed”, but the model might decide to block you. For good.

Check the model’s profile page. Models mention there, in their descriptions, all the things (kinks and fetishes) they’re into, the type of shows they’d put on and sometimes they even specify what they’re NOT into. What they dislike doing. Or simply what doesn’t turn them on.

Another great way to look for models that would perform the type of activities you’d want them to is to search by category. Most live cam sites have multiple model categories: from girlfriend experience to BDSM, from non-adult to… porn stars. Moreover, on most of them, you have a whole range of filter options you can use to narrow down your search results by preferences and fetishes.

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