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Advertiser Disclosure

The LiveCamAdvisor team is independent and objective. But is also a source of income. Yet, in no way this affects our advice, ranking, or recommendations of different live cam sites, which are grounded in (way too) many hours of research and testing.

It’s the other way around, in fact: we use this income we receive from the referral links you can find throughout the website to “fuel” these hundreds of hours of research.

And to provide you with the most reliable and comprehensive adult cams rating-and-review website you’ll find.

So, How Do We Make Money?

Through referral links placed throughout

Once you click on one of these links and you make a payment on these live cam sites, we receive a commission for it. As simple and as transparent as that.

This is how we fund this project, our work: the time spent on researching, testing, evaluating, and putting together these comprehensive cam site reviews for you.  

And How Exactly Do We Rank The Sites on LiveCamAdvisor?

Our partners cannot commission us to guarantee them favorable rankings for their live cam sites.

Instead, we rely on our own surprisingly simple and effective formula for ranking the webcam sites we choose to evaluate: Traffic + Click through rate + Earnings + Popularity.

To this, we add our own “Effective Intuition” developed after many years of experience as adult content producers and consumers.

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